Eureka Township

Eureka Charter Township

Regulatory Ordinances

Regulatory (NON-Zoning) Ordinances – (amended 3-11-24)
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Demolition
Chapter 3 Land Divisions
Chapter 4 Dangerous and Dilapidated Buildings
Chapter 5 Consumers Energy Company Electric Franchise
Chapter 6 Swimming Pools
Chapter 7 Used Car Lot
Chapter 8 Marijuana Establishments and Facilities
Chapter 9 Fire Prevention and Suppression
Chapter 10 Mining
Chapter 11 Cost Recovery Chapter
Chapter 12 Junk Yards
Chapter 13 Outdoor Gatherings
Chapter 14 Blight
Chapter 15 Curfew
Chapter 16 Liquor License
Chapter 17 Confirmation of the Establishment
Chapter 18 Junk Control Ordinance
Chapter 19 Junk and Inoperable Vehicles
Chapter 20 Noise and Nuisance
Chapter 21 Cemetery Ordinance
Chapter 22 Home-Based Businesses
Chapter 23 Floodplain Management
Chapter 24 Utility Use Requirements for the Baldwin Lake Water and Sewer Service Areas
Chapter 25 Fireworks